Bank Photographic Studio Newcastle

If you are setting up a new venture or planning a marketing campaign it’s a really good idea to consider the type of the images you are using to promote your good and services.  Having high quality pictures will not only give your company a far more professional image it is also a really useful way to express the aims and ideas behind your products or services and reach out to your targeted market.

 If you give a little thought to the setting you are taking your pictures in not only can you greatly improve the quality you can also create a relevant and appealing background, so looking at options such a photographic studio hire can be a really worthwhile investment.

With advantages such as a props department, plenty of light and a dedicated make up area creating photographs in a purpose-built space The Bank Studio is the ideal place to create images that will really reflect what your business is about.  Based in a converted bank in Newcastle Upon Tyne this space is available to hire to photographers wanting to take pictures of their own or you can also make use of the excellent photography services on offer as well, designed and run by two professional photographers with over twenty years’ experience in the industry at The Bank Studio they are true experts in creating high quality photographs.

Whether you want to create pictures to display your products on your website, create promotional material or information packs for potential clients or are taking pictures to appear in books, magazines or other publications at The Bank Studio they have all the facilities you require to create the perfect atmosphere for your pictures.  With large windows to allow plenty of natural light, outside space and full prop and background department no matter what type of business or industry you work within you will be certain to find everything you need to create pictures that really reflect what you do in the best possible light. 

If you want to be certain that the images that you are using are perfect for your company why not get in touch with The Bank Photographic Studio to find out more about the services’ they are able to offer you? You might find that by simply paying a little more attention to the pictures that you use that you are able to attract your target market and really increase your sales.

Call 07710 799603 or email us on info@kgphotography. In no time at all you could have some really high-quality pictures to really reflect what your business can do. 

Taxi & Private Hire Drivers to Face Enhanced Checks

Taxi & Private Hire Drivers to Face Enhanced Checks
Taxi and private hire drivers could have to pass enhanced criminal record checks under government proposals.

The Department for Transport has launched a consultation on new licensing guidelines to better protect vulnerable passengers. The consultation will also consider whether cabs and private hire vehicles should be fitted with CCTV. Last year a government report found that the laws regulating drivers were not “fit for the modern world”.

Taxi & Private Hire Drivers to Face Enhanced Checks

Powers to regulate taxi drivers have been devolved to the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Northern Irish Assembly.

Although the proposed guidelines would apply only to England, they are also expected to be used in Wales until the devolved Welsh Government sets its own statutory guidelines.

The Department for Transport said it would introduce national minimum standards for drivers and set up a national licensing database.

In England and Wales, the current system allows someone who is denied a taxi licence by one local authority to go and work somewhere else where the licensing authority may be more lenient.

The Department for Transport is also considering stopping taxi drivers from operating hundreds of miles away from where they are licensed.

In Scotland, private hire vehicles can already only pick up fares within the local authority area which gave them their taxi-operating licence.

Taxis minister Nusrat Ghani said: “While the vast majority of drivers are safe and act responsibly, we have seen too many cases where taxi and minicab drivers have used their job to prey on vulnerable people, women and children. “These rules would make sure that drivers are fit to carry passengers, keeping people safe while stopping those with bad intentions from getting behind the wheel of a taxi or minicab.”

Saskia Garner, of the anti-violence charity the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, told Radio 5 Live she was “encouraged” by plans to update safety checks guidelines but said new laws – not just guidelines – were needed to protect passengers.

The proposals follow the case of “black cab rapist” John Worboys, who police believe may have carried out more than 100 rapes nd sexual assaults on women he picked up in his cab in London between 2002 and 2008.

LinkedIn Members Visit the Site Every Day

40% of LinkedIn Members Visit the Site Every Day

LinkedIn has released an ebook for social media managers that contains an updated list of stats about the platform. In making a case for why social media managers should prioritize LinkedIn, the company presents the following statistics.

LinkedIn Members Visit the Site Every Day

Engagement on LinkedIn is “booming,” the company says.

  • LinkedIn now has 610 million registered members
  • 40% of LinkedIn users visit every day
  • Comments, likes, and shares are up 60% year-over-year
  • Views in the LinkedIn feed are up 60% from last year
  • Mobile LinkedIn sessions are growing 57% year-over-year
  • Over 130 thousand articles are created on LinkedIn every week

Business Leaders are on LinkedIn

“On LinkedIn, we’ve assembled the right audience,” the company says. Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members

61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers

40 million LinkedIn users are in decision-making positions

About 45% of LinkedIn article readers are in upper-level positions (managers, VPs, Directors, C-level). It backs up that statement with the following data:

What sets LinkedIn apart from other networks, the company says, is that it attracts professionals driven to exchange ideas and grow their careers.

It’s also a platform that generates meaningful business results.

  • 45% of all social media traffic to a company’s homepage comes from LinkedIn
  • 71% of people use information from LinkedIn to inform business decisions
  • LinkedIn is the most trusted social platform globally, according to Business Insider’s Digital Trust report
  • 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to buy from companies when they have engaged in their social channels

For further data, along with detailed information about how to use LinkedIn effectively, see the company’s official ebook here.

Searching for that New Executive Career in 2019

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to improve your work life and career why not start the year as you mean to go on and start taking action now?  Although the beginning of the year seems like a difficult time to find new job openings you never know when the right opportunity may come along, and with a bit of thought your search may pay off more quickly than you thought. 

By signing up with a reliable recruitment agency offering executive search services you will hear of new and exciting vacancies as soon as they become available helping you to gain a massive advantage when looking for a new role. In the UK, HW Global offer such a service and with offices in London, Leeds and Manchester we have the whole of the UK covered.

Searching for that New Executive Career in 2019

Whether you are already working in a management or senior role or are looking to take the next step up the career ladder agencies offering executive recruitment are always happy to hear from talented and motivated individuals that are willing to undertake new roles.  With great working links across a wide range of industries, a reputable agency will have a regular stream permanent and temporary management roles available for new candidates, and with such a wide variety of different roles on offer if you need to work flexibly or part time an agency could be really workable choice for you as well.

Getting help from an agency offering executive search is a great choice if you have restrictions on your time, once you have completed the registration process they are able to forward your CV and any other relevant documents or paperwork to your potential workplace on your behalf and match you to suitable roles, helping you to save a lot of time during the recruitment process. 

With some roles not even requiring a formal interview you could be starting your next step for sooner than you expected and with the agency on hand to provide you with all the information you need and to answer any questions you may have you can be sure you will be well prepared and ready for your first day.

If you are newly qualified, returning to work after a long break or looking to work within a different industry gaining valuable experience by undertaking short term roles is an excellent way to make your CV more attractive to future employers along with helping you build on and expand your existing skills.

Asking an agency specialising in executive recruitment to help you find suitable roles could be your first big step towards getting your dream job in the future as employers are more likely offer an opportunity to someone without much experience if they need temporary cover at short notice due to sickness or absence.

So instead of focusing on the more traditional methods of looking for work if you want to make a real change in your career this 2019 why not try a new approach and find out more about what recruitment agencies offering executive search services can do for you? 

With many of the larger agencies being able to offer exciting roles within many successful companies across this country and abroad you will be certain to find a management or middle management role that really helps you to kickstart the career you want before the year is over! 

Recruitment Challenge for North East Business

Challenges related to recruitment and the national economy will be the biggest obstacles facing companies in the North East in 2019, according to a new Business Census of business leaders’ expectations for the year ahead.

The report, compiled by global credit company Creditsafe which spoke to 755 business leaders across the UK, revealed more than a third of businesses (38%) in the North East expect their biggest business challenge to be recruitment.
For those that suggested recruitment will be their biggest challenge for the year ahead, the responses suggested that those businesses aged between 0 and 2 years were expected to be the hardest hit. In spite of this, 56% of businesses expect to increase their headcount in 2019 – though 83% did not choose to employ a graduate in the previous year.

Recruitment Challenge for North East Business

Furthermore, almost half of respondents (42%) expect the economy to pose the biggest risk to their company in 2019, with 17% of people suggesting that politics would provide the greatest hurdle. When asked about the health of the nation’s finances, 1 in 3 business leaders said they were not optimistic about the UK’s economic growth in 2019, with 40% unsure as to how the economic climate will develop.
Speaking of the results, Creditsafe’s UK CEO Chris Robertson said: “It’s been a memorable year for businesses in Britain, with Brexit dominating the media headlines and uncertainty around our role in the EU still rife.

“The Business Census is intended to provide a snapshot of the state of UK business based on experience, as opposed to just statistics. The impact of economic uncertainty on the optimism of business leaders for 2019 will undoubtedly gain the attention of business bodies and the government, who should take note of these less tangible, yet still important, impacts of their actions.”

Looking closer at the results, 35% of businesses surveyed said that Brexit had already had a negative impact for them, with more than two-thirds (67%) of larger businesses (over 500 employees) surveyed reporting negative effects. Half of businesses questioned also said they felt their local government was not doing a good enough job of supporting business growth.

The Census also found that 69% of UK businesses have been affected by bad debt, and 37% have been victims of fraud. Just 3% of UK businesses expect blockchain to play a role in their company’s growth in 2019, mirroring industry concerns that disillusionment with the technology could lead to a ‘blockchain winter’.

With environmental concerns also dominating the press, a surprising 51% of businesses surveyed do not plan to invest financially in environmental initiatives in 2019.
Despite their fears, 90% of UK businesses expects to grow in 2019.

UK economic growth has been under pressure since a strong performance this summer, with the Bank of England expecting a 0.2% increase in GDP for the final three months of 2018 and forecasting a similar rate for the first quarter of 2019.

Help your Brand’s SEO Strategy Succeed

In a competitive and increasingly online environment for brands, SEO matters more than ever. One-third of U.S. consumers in 2018 started their online purchases with Google or another search tool — more than three times the number who started at retailers’ sites or apps, and second only to searches beginning at Amazon. To do well in organic search results, brands must have a solid SEO strategy. Before you can take your SEO to the next level, you need to know where you are now and what to do next.

Help your Brand’s SEO Strategy Succeed

Let’s look at four building blocks you can use to create a more competitive SEO program for your B2C or B2B brand.

Crawlability: lay your SEO foundation
To appear in search results, your site must be found by search engines. That means if you’re starting from the ground up or have never engaged in SEO, your first task is making your site visible to search engine crawlers. One common problem here is also an easy fix: your site’s robots.txt file. Retailers and brands often neglect this little file, but adding instructions to it tells crawlers which pages you want indexed and which you don’t.
You’ll also want to show crawlers your site structure for better indexing.

To do that, you may need to update and expand your sitemap or build one from scratch. The ideal sitemap for SEO crawlability includes all of your site’s categories, subcategories, and product pages. If you’re wondering how long it will take to map or update your site’s thousands of product pages, services like Screaming Frog can generate a sitemap you can link to in your robots.txt file. After you update robots.txt, submit it to Google and other search engines so they can re-crawl your site as soon as possible.

If your site uses older plug-in technology like Flash or Silverlight to display content, you face a bigger crawlability challenge. Flash and Silverlight content is invisible to search engine crawlers so it can’t appear in search results. To make that content visible, you’ll need to convert it to a format that can be indexed, like HTML5 or JavaScript. The conversion process can take a few months, and you may need new software and coding talent to make it happen. After the conversion is complete, you can map the content, update your robots.txt file, and submit it to Google.

Content optimisation: leverage your existing assets
When your robots.txt, sitemap and crawlability issues are solved, the next SEO building block to put in place is content optimization. This requires making better use of your current assets to improve your rank for specific keywords. You can use Google Keyword Planner to develop a list of target keywords based on volume and ROI. Then use the list to enhance your meta tags and content, starting with your top-level pages and working down through your categories and subcategories and finally ending with product pages.

An alternative to working through your entire site is to focus on optimizing a few select pages. For example, if product category “Page A” does reasonably well, use Google Search Console to evaluate its performance. Does the page align with particular keywords? If so, you can optimize the category page for those keywords to boost its performance. This will serve to enhance, but not replace, your programmatic SEO tools.

Offsite: build links and brand engagement
The next stage of building your SEO program is pursuing offsite strategies like link-building and social influencer relationships. You don’t have to wait until all your existing content is optimized to start your offsite work, but the more complete your content-optimization process is, the more SEO benefits you’ll see from your link-building and influencer efforts.

Link building requires research, and it’s a good idea to review Google’s link-building ethics and best practices before you begin. The most efficient way to find possible links is with a tool like SEMrush that shows you where your competition’s backlinks originate. That tool displays a list of potential sites to reach out to with link requests. Narrow that list to high-quality sites with good traffic and a strong social media presence. Don’t expect a huge response to your outreach — a 10 to 15 percent response rate is good for link-building campaigns.

Finding the right influencers requires research, too. You need to know your product and your audience. You also need to identify the social media users who’ve built a following by posting about your industry or niche and then learn who their audience is. It’s also important to understand that the best-known influencers in your niche may not deliver the best ROI for you. You can break the bank working with high-profile influencers, or you can choose to work with micro-influencers. These are people who may only have tens of thousands of followers, but they’ve earned a high level of trust and authority within that group. Depending on your niche and your goals, micro-influencers may prove to be more cost-effective.

Content creation: expand into knowledge topics
If your company is mature in its SEO program, you can focus on content creation at a whole new level. At this stage, your content should expand beyond describing your products and services to answering consumer questions related to what you sell. For example, instead of creating more content about the shoes you sell, create content about how to choose shoes for different events, how to care for leather shoes and so on. Deciding what topics to focus on requires keyword and competitor research.

Use a tool like SEMrush to do a content gap analysis based on your products, segment, market and relevant search phrases. For example, a watch retailer’s keywords include basics like “men’s watches” and “women’s watches,” but there are other popular search phrases they can leverage, too, such as “watch repair” and “types of watches.” By doing this analysis, you can typically generate somewhere between 750 and 6,000 keywords that you can use to create non-promotional content.

You’re not going to use all the keywords, though. The next step is to segment your new list of keywords and analyze how you perform for those phrases versus how your competition performs. This sifting can take anywhere from a few days to a full month. The time you spend on this is an investment that leads to a content road map for your SEO program. For example, you can prioritize the keywords where you have a competitive opportunity and make them the focus of your content creation program over the coming year.

To summarise, to get to this level of SEO, you have to build up the other levels first. Crawlability gives you the foundation to optimize your existing content. Optimisation makes link-building and influencer marketing more effective. Knowledge-content creation is the capstone on these other steps. Together, these building blocks give you a durable SEO strategy to help you win organic search traffic.

The Best Escape Rooms in Newcastle

Searching for the Best Escape Rooms in Newcastle
If you have been looking for something different to do and enjoy a challenge, you may want to consider paying a visit to The Escape Key, classed as one of the best escape rooms in Newcastle.  With excellent past customer reviews and offering a choice of three themed rooms to test your wits once you’ve completed one challenge you can be certain you will want to return soon to try out the others as well!

Escape Key Newcastle

All three escape rooms are created with a historical theme, perfectly designed to depict parts of Newcastle’s true life past. The combination of decor, lighting, music and sound effects create a truly realistic atmosphere in every room and with varying levels of difficulty and different types of puzzle in each challenge is unique.  Set in an ideal location next to a graveyard where there are the actual graves of women tried for witchcraft and featuring a real-life plague pit at the Escape Key, they take aspects of the history around them and really bring it to life to give you the ultimate escape room experience.

As soon as you arrive you will be greeted by the Games Master who will explain the rules, tell you a bit about the game and show you a short film to really help set the scene.  With many puzzles to solve and tasks to complete you will be given an hour for your group to complete the challenge.  When you are ready to begin, they will take you to the room and activate the door lock, this is when the clock starts ticking and you have to really use your problem-solving skills to work out how to escape! 

At difficulty level seven you may want to start off with the Armageddon Challenge, this has four combination locks and fourteen electric puzzles.  Set in a cold war bunker you need to work out how to get the bunker working in order to launch a rocket and divert the asteroid that is hurtling towards earth and threatening the whole of mankind. 

The most recent addition to the Escape Key is Witch with a difficulty level of eight, this room is based in 1650 when witch trials were being carried out in Newcastle and the hangings of many innocent townsfolk took place, set overlooking the witches graves you need to solve ten electronic puzzles to make sure you manage to avoid the hangman noose.  This game has graphic descriptions of hanging and a strong theme so is not recommended for children under the age of fourteen.

The hardest room of all is Plague at difficulty level eight you will spend the whole hour overlooking the plague pit trying to find a way to escape from the feared plague doctor and not succumb to the dreaded black death.  Set in 1636 when the Plague was rife in Newcastle this challenge requires you to solve six combination locks and seven electronic puzzles in order to dodge the craze doctor and escape the room.

So whether you have been to an escape room before or are totally new to the concept why not go and take a look at some of the most realistic escape rooms Newcastle has to offer?  With a wide range of puzzles to solve in every room and a realist story line complete with impressive decor and other affects you can be sure you won’t be disappointed with your experience! For further information and to book you Escape Key experience please call 0191 468 2068 or 07837 588661.

Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle

Chartered Surveyors Services in Newcastle
If you require a property surveyor in or around Newcastle for any reason and want to able certain they are reliable and experts within the field you may want to consider getting in touch with Made Surveying & Architectural where they have an excellent reputation for offering all their clients a friendly and efficient service every time.  With a wide and varied range of surveying and architectural services on offer they are able to offer expert advice on most property matters and help to resolve any queries or disputes, whether you are purchasing a property or working on a property you already own.

Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle

MADE Chartered Surveyors
With a fully qualified and hardworking team on hand any work that Made Surveying & Architectural carry out for you will be done within a reasonable timeframe and to the best possible standard, with a wide range of training and previous experience between them they have all the knowledge required to complete almost any Surveying task.  Regulated by the RICS and fully insured at Made Surveying & Architectural their aim is to offer a top quality, professional yet friendly service at all times and with excellent past customer testimonials you can see that they are definitely achieving this so you can be sure they offer a service you can rely on.

With services available including building surveying, project management, assistance with insurance claims, architectural design andbuilding reinstatement cost assessments at Made they can offer assistance inmost building related matters, so no matter what requirements or problems yourtask may present you can be sure they will be able to accept the challenge andoffer a workable and cost-effective solution. As real specialists within the industry they make sure they are able tooffer the most up to date and reliable information and advice for the mostreasonable and competitive rate possible.

If you are looking for surveying services in particular as fully qualified chartered surveyors, they are able to offer a varied range ofservices to both residential and commercial customers.  Whether you are looking for a full building survey containing a full and detailed report of every part of the building, aRICS homebuyer survey and valuation, a structures only survey, a specific defectsurvey or a schedule of condition at Made Surveying & Architectural theywill be able to make sure this is carried out promptly and to the best possible standard.  As an independent firm you canbe sure that all information given will be independent and without any bias.

So, if you need surveying advice and want to be certain the firm you choose to use are honest and impartial as well as being experts within the industry getting in touch with Made Surveying & Architectural could be a really good idea. 

Whether you are a private buyer purchasing a family home, need help with an insurance claim or legal query or are a company needing help with a large development you can be certain that Made have all the skills and expertise to give you the help you need. 

With a friendly and helpful team on hand at all times why not give them a call to find out more about what they can do for you? Contact MADE Surveyors today on 0191 809 0209, email: or visit the Made Surveying website.

Promoting Bank Photographic Studio

Direct Submit has another new client. We will be working with Bank studio and KG Photography to help promote their websites to a larger audience. KG Photography is the work of Kevin Gibson and Nicky Rogerson who are inspired by a prestigious client list which reads like a who’s who of leading brands. Bank Studio are commercial photographers, gaining work in food, product, advertising, commercial portraiture, packaging industries.

Bank Photographic. KG and Bank Studio Photographers

Their wealth of experience has lead them to work all over the UK and internationally, with prestigious clients such as Netto, Prima Cheese, BHS, Luxe Magazine, Relish Publications NEP, Offstone Publishing, Appetite magazine, BE Group, Fenwick and nationwide restaurants to name but a few.

To contact KG or Bank Studio photography call 07710 799 603 and let them help put you in the picture.

If you would like your business to gain more exposure across the Internet, then call Direct Submit on 0845 2722350 and let us help you make your website work harder for you.

SEO How will it help my business?

SEO Campaign – What is it, and how will it help my business?
In order to succeed in business in 2019 and beyond, SEO, and especially local SEO should be a required part of your marking strategy. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which means that the website for your business can reach potential customers using search engines like Google and Bing. Since getting your business in front of the right consumers is the first step to winning them over as customers, you can’t afford to skip out on a solid SEO campaign.

SEO Campaign to help my Business

How do we know you need SEO?
By analysing current and past trends, we can determine what searchers want. In recent years, “near me” searches have been on the rise. This type of search is like when a consumer Googles something like, “dentists near me.”

You can replace “dentists” with any type of business or office.

What this boils down to is that people want fast access to information about local businesses that will meet their needs.

How can your business benefit from an SEO campaign?
Now that you know a bit about what an SEO campaign can do, it’s time to move on to understanding why it works and what the benefits are. SEO can:

Draw new customers to your website

Get customers the information they need

Help your business be available 24/7

An SEO campaign accomplishes all of this by making your website one that search engines love to show users. This translates to getting a high-ranking spot on search engine results pages, or SERPs.

More Customers Means More Growth

Many people often confuse marketing and sales because the point of marketing is to bring in customers to boost sales. However, you know as well as we do that it’s a different job altogether. Yet, everything in business is tied to the bottom line. Sales define a business’ success. They determine whether a business dives, survives, or thrives. The more customers you can bring into the business, the more sales your business can get. We know you know this.

What you might not yet know is that you need local SEO to keep bringing in customers. A business with strong search engine rankings is more likely to be found. Local SEO not only connects your business to consumers, but especially to local consumers. If you want to get people in the door, they need to find you online. They need to find you on search engines.

Google handles at least 2 trillion searches a year. That number has consistently been on the rise since the search engine’s inception. The power of internet search is not waning. You need to get on board with SEO if you want to continue to get customers in the door–whether virtually or physically.

The Benefits of Website SEO
Search engine optimisation is very important if you want to increase your visibility in the online world. While the methods of getting your brand message out there have evolved as search engines have become more and more sophisticated, the basic idea is still the same. When someone searches for something in your industry or product category, you want your website to rank near the top of the search engine listings.

Ø  Over 90% of internet users take advantage of a search engine to find what they want on the web and that figure is fairly constant across the globe, including the UK.

Ø  While competition for keywords in your industry might well be high, there are a number of other factors involved in SEO that need to be addressed if you want to boost your rankings significantly.

Ø  Strong SEO is part of the entire marketing mix and can feed into other aspects of your strategy such as local searches and visibility on social media.

Ø  Website SEO is a mix of standard inclusions such as site maps and good content that needs to meet appropriate standards as well as ongoing initiatives such as building strong inbound links, internal linking, image tagging and regularly updated and engaging content.

Time to Get Your Website Noticed
Direct Submit prides itself on the underlying process by which we approach each and every SEO project we are involved with. We understand that each client will have specific, individual needs and our approach in creating and implementing the correct SEO strategy is vital to the success of the SEO project.

This approach and attention to detail is what has helped Direct Submit become a leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company. Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website working harder for your business.