Welcome to Bluewave Select

Welcome to Bluewave Select
Have you been searching for an SAP recruitment business? Well, you have certainly come to the right place. At Bluewave Select you’ll find a professional recruitment business that is exclusively focussed on and committed to SAP.

Our business was launched in 2015 with the aim to build an SAP recruitment brand businesses could trust to provide a high level of quality and expertise. We strive to ensure that we can quickly introduce you to the best SAP professionals on the market.

At Bluewave, we have always believed in the concept of quality over quantity. We never wanted to be the biggest, we have always strived to be the best and this has helped us to achieve one of the greatest ratings for SAP recruitment in the industry.

With quality a firm focus we now deliver SAP programmes that businesses need all over the world.

A Hands-On Approach

How do we ensure that we continue to deliver the level of support and quality our customers deserve? After 4 years on the market, we still take a hands-on approach. Every CV we pass on receives the stamp of approval from our company.

Both of our founders are integral to this process and ensure quality checks are a fundamental aspect of our business.

A Personal Solution

What makes us different from other recruitment businesses? We have a profound interest in the people we work with? That’s why we deliver a personal approach. We’ll get to know who you are, what you need and provide a complete service that matches your goals.

A Vast Level of Experience

When you select an SAP recruitment solution, you need to choose a business that can provide a vast level of experience in the market. We have years of experience and this ensures we have a firm understanding in vital areas.

We understand the processes, the tech and the people that are a requirement to evaluate and vet candidates to the level that you need.

With our vast level of expertise, you can always trust us to deliver a superior service to any of our competitors.

100% SAP Focused

We’re one of the only recruitment businesses in the world that is completely committed to SAP. This is a huge benefit to you because you’ll never have to worry about where our focus is.

Every resource, every team member, every professional in our company is selected and used because of a commitment to SAP. So, when you contact us, you’ll be talking to people on your level who understand your needs and requirements completely.

You won’t have to explain your key concerns to us. We have a comprehensive knowledge of everything from digital transformation to IoT and S/4 HANA.

We’re Already Trusted

When you select an SAP recruitment business, you don’t want to select an underdog. It’s dangerous and worrying to choose a company that has no reviews and no portfolio to choose from.

When you work with our business, you will be able to view numerous case studies that show how we have provided support to businesses just like yours. You will be able to access key information including stats on improvements and the issues we helped solve.

Some of the major brands we have supported include MetLife, Deloitte, Coca Cola, Co-op, M&C, Babcock and many more.

We’ve worked with the biggest names in various industries and we are confident we can help you too.

Ideal for Candidates

At Bluewave Select we work with businesses and potential candidates. Without a recruitment business on your side, finding a job in the SAP industry can be difficult. In total we have helped 4,000 SAP professionals find jobs in the industry over the last year. This has helped us achieve a tremendous 5-star approval rating, highlighting the vast level of support we offer to our clients.

Operating on An International Level

SAP recruitment is required on an international level and that’s why we are delighted to be able to offer our expert solution to clients and candidates across the world.

We have provided support in the USA, UAE. Austria, Australia and the UK. We are constantly expanding our reach to ensure that more businesses and candidates can gain the vast benefits of our service.

Find Out More Now

If you are interested in learning more about our services, make sure that you contact us today. We are confident that we can answer any of your questions and queries, helping you to determine whether we are providing the right choice.

Regardless of whether you’re a potential client or candidate, call Bluewave Select today on 01423 559559 (Harroage) or 0207 7887030 (London) and you will be able to get the service you need in the SAP industry using our solution.

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