A New Suit For Every Occasion

Finding a new suit for an occasion can be exciting yet stressful. Trying to find the perfect fit, style, and colour can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look.

However, should you be looking for suits in Newcastle or elsewhere in the UK, then you will want to consider looking at the Suit Culture website. Here, you can find all types of styles, designs, and colours. No matter your occasion dress code, work uniform requirements, or style preference, there will be something to tailor to your needs.

Why Choose A 3-Piece Suit?

Suit Culture stocks high-quality yet affordable 3-piece suits for those looking for a new one to attend an event or re-style themselves for work.

While many people might often consider an ordinary 2-piece suit when purchasing a new one, it is recommended to always opt for a 3-piece. Why?

It Will Suit Every Occasion

A 3-piece suit means that you have the complete get-up for any occasion. No matter if you are attending a work function, a wedding, or a party, you will have all three pieces that you need to have the full attire.

The full 3-piece suit will make you look as smart as possible, as a suit without the waistcoat can often look less formal or more ‘office-based’.


Furthermore, another great reason to choose a 3-piece suit over a 2-piece suit is that you will have two suit options in one.

For instance, should you wish to remove the waistcoat for any reason, you can do so. Then, when you attend an occasion where you would like to wear a waistcoat, you will have one to hand that matches your suit.

It Will Set You Apart From The Rest

A 3-piece suit will also make you stand out from the crowd. As mentioned, it can be common for most people to choose the ordinary and basic 2-piece suit option for work and events. Although they look nice, they aren’t as smart and sophisticated as a 3-piece suit.

Wearing a 3-piece suit will make you stand out among the crowd and look the part no matter where you go.

A Trimmer Figure

Wearing a waistcoat with a 3-piece suit is guaranteed to accentuate anyone’s figure. It will offer a “trimming” effect on the body, which will make you look your best whenever you wear it.

Even when wearing a lighter shirt, the waistcoat will offer the same effect. It will draw attention to the other parts of your suit as well as the face and tie area.

Cinches The Tie In Place

Most people will wear a tie with a suit, especially a 3-piece one. When wearing a 2-piece suit, you might experience the tie flapping around and not staying in place. This can come across as unprofessional or uncomfortable.

With a 3-piece suit, you can use the waistcoat (or pin attached to the waistcoat) to cinch the tie and hold it in place.

What Suit Colour To Choose

After choosing the 3-piece suit as your suit of choice, you will want to consider which colour to invest in.

The first thing to think about is your personal style. If you enjoy a refined and timeless style, choosing darker or neutral tones will be the best decision. It will allow you to wear the suit to any occasion and feel yourself.

Should your style be quirky or extravagant, then choosing a suit that is an unusual colour will help you express your style and stand out among the crowd.

Next, you will want to consider your skin tone. Different tones of fabric will complement different skin tones. Lighter skin suits lighter colours – light greys, light beige, and green. Meanwhile, darker complexions suit bolder colours – black, navy, and brown.

Always choose a colour that you feel the most comfortable in. Plus, choose a shade and tone that will suit any occasion in the future.

Then, you will want to consider what colours shirts and ties you like to wear. Neutral suits will complement almost any colour shirt and tie. Meanwhile, should you choose a more vibrant colour, such as blue, then you might want to reconsider your shirt and tie options.

In summary, choosing a new suit is not always an easy task. Yet, accepting the challenge and opting for a 3-piece suit will always satisfy your needs and help you dress correctly for any occasion.

Why Select Suit Culture Newcastle For Your Suit Needs?

We sell classic two-piece and three-piece suits as well as tuxedos in styles that aim to satisfy your outfit for every occasion, from weddings to race days. In addition, we offer quality tie sets and shoes to help you suit up elegantly. Reach out to us today at our Newcastle store by calling 0191 447 3737 to get started.

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