Corona Virus Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Corona Virus Covid-19 Risk Assessment
Whilst Corona virus is an incredibly complex situation, at RAMs App, they want to help their customers where they can. Created in accordance with the UK Government advice, they have included a Corona Virus (Covid 19) risk assessment within their software, both on full and trial accounts. RAMs App have also added toolbox talk to the software and there is link below where you can download the talk for free.

Given the highly complex nature of the virus, RAMs App strongly advise anyone that uses their Covid risk assessment – review the content and ensure that they are doing what the assessment states.

If you’re doing anything different to the control measures outlined, it’s vitally important you make sure that you include the extra controls that you have in place to keep everyone safe, by editing/adding to the content.

Corona Virus Covid-19 Risk Assessment

If you are going to carry on working, please ensure you check National Government advice on the subject, to ensure they endorse you doing so.

It’s essential for those who are still on site, to follow the Government advice and adhere to The Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedures.

This guidance is intended to introduce consistent measures on construction sites of all types and sizes in line with the Government’s recommendations on social distancing and ensure employers and individuals make every effort to comply.

Site Operating Procedures Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Trust RAMs App to Help with Your Corona Virus (Covid 19) Risk Assessment
The company is constantly updating RAMs App content and can add any trade group or assessments that you’d like them too. They are confident that you’ll find what you’re looking by using their software.

** RAMs App would like to stress the point that we are not subject matter experts, all the advice outlined in the content, is in accordance with UK Government published guidance.

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