Essential Tips for Executive Interim Candidates

Essential Tips for Executive Interim Candidates
You may expect that highly talented executives offering their skills to some of the UK’s largest companies for day rates of up to £2,000 would be paragons of preparation.

And to be fair, many are. Highly professional, well organised, excellent communicators, experts in their field – which is why they are sought after by headhunters tasked with identifying available talent for their ever-demanding clients.

But you might be surprised to learn that many aren’t prepared for the world of executive interim. Or applying for any job, come to think of it. Not in my book anyway.

John Wakeford of HW Global has drawn up ten top tips for potential candidates out there thinking of moving from permanent executive positions to the dynamic, fast-moving world of interim.

>>> One: if you are immediately available, say so on your LinkedIn page. You’re more likely to get a call.

>>> Two: make sure your job title matches the industry norm. Headhunters look for generic titles like CFO/FD/Head of Finance. If it doesn’t sound like your current or previous role is a match for the search you could be disregarded.

>>> Three: ensure your CV is up to date.

>>> Four: ensure your contact details are up to date. I know – you wouldn’t believe it!

>>> Five: if you haven’t already, get a limited company set up and arrange personal indemnity insurance. It saves time when you are hired.

>>> Six: answer the phone or call back if you are contacted by a headhunter or potential employer. Divert your landline to mobile if you are out. Firms are often looking for interims to start immediately. If you don’t respond, the headhunter will quickly move you would accept.

>>> Eight: connect yourself on LinkedIn to other people with the same skill set – you are more likely to be found.

>>> Nine: when you become available contact a headhunter. Easier than us trying to find you.

>>> Ten: and here’s the freebie… get in touch with firms yourself direct if you seek an opportunity.

If one of your 2020 New Year’s resolutions is to improve your work life and career why not start the year as you mean to go on and start taking action now? Although the beginning of the year seems like a difficult time to find new job openings you never know when the right opportunity may come along, and with a bit of thought your search may pay off more quickly than you thought.

Asking an agency specialising in executive recruitment to help you find suitable roles could be your first big step towards getting your dream job in the future as employers are more likely offer an opportunity to someone without much experience if they need temporary cover at short notice due to sickness or absence.

So instead of focusing on the more traditional methods of looking for work if you want to make a real change in your career this 2019 why not try a new approach and find out more about what recruitment agencies offering executive search services can do for you?

With many of the larger agencies being able to offer exciting roles within many successful companies across this country and abroad you will be certain to find a management or middle management role that really helps you to kickstart the career you want before the year is over!

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