Hand Cooked Potato Deli Crisps

Hand Cooked Potato Deli Crisps
Do you want to offer deluxe snacks to your customers? If so, then you might want to consider hand-cooked potato deli crisps. Some customers won’t want the typical crisps that you can buy from any corner store. Instead, they’ll be looking for something a little more special with that extra zing of flavour for a true treat, sure to tantalise the taste buds. With hand-cooked potato deli crisps, that’s exactly what you can offer. A luxury treat that will separate what you’re offering from the competition.

These crisps are leagues above your typical packets and are sure to attract customers eager to try the finer things in life. However, don’t let the quality fool you. Despite providing a deluxe snack, crisps like this our available to purchase for your business at prices that are sure to match your budget.

So, what brand offers these tasty treats and how can you get them in your company?

Finding the Right-Hand Cook Potato Deli Crisp Brand
If you’re looking for crisps like this on the market, you might want to consider The King’s Deli. This brand was formed around the intent of bringing unique crisps that were full of flavour to the market and yes – fit for a king.

Customers certainly seem to love these products and the brand has become very popular in the British market. You’ll find these crisps are big sellers in supermarkets, corner stores and are even offered in restaurants, hotels and other eateries. They are commonly seen as a cut above your typical crisp!

What Makes The King’s Deli Different?

The hand cooked potato crisps that this company offer are produced in Britain. As such, you can be ensured high quality with every packet that you purchase and supply to customers.

Furthermore, due to being sourced locally, the business can offer a fantastic turnaround. If you need extra supplies, you’ll find that they can be delivered to your business in a matter of days.

As well as this, these crisps are suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements. They can be enjoyed by vegetarians, are gluten and lactose-free and are completely natural. They are even SMO free and if you think that most crisps on sale today don’t match these standards, then you are absolutely right!

The King’s Deli are made from the best potatoes with the skin left on. That’s particularly important, as it ensures that they do get an extra hit of fantastic flavour. Cooked in sunflower oil that only reaches the highest quality, these crispy offer other sensory benefits, delivering a great crunch with every bite.

Guaranteed to Impress
If you want to impress your customers, you need to offer more than the rest. That’s exactly what investing in these crisps will allow you to do. There’s plenty of flavours to choose from, so you can offer as much variety to your customers as you want.

We hope you see now why hand-cooked potato deli crisps could be the perfect new product for your business.

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