Internet Security – A Quick Guide

Internet Security – A Quick Guide
The internet has, overwhelmingly, been positive for humanity. People are now able to connect with one another across oceans, share information, and deepen knowledge and understanding in ways that would once have been seen as impossible.

Whether you want to catch up with your friends, research which restaurant you want to visit this weekend, or read up on a pet subject, the internet is the perfect solution.

However, while its benefits cannot be denied, the internet does have its downsides – and most specifically in terms of security. In an effort to ensure you can enjoy all the advantages of the internet without any of the disadvantages, below, we at Direct Submit provided a number of simple internet security tips you may wish to implement in future.

Here are some simple steps to ensure both you and your business remain safe on the internet.

> Install internet security software
Running internet security software on your endpoints (computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc) is the simplest place to start with a project like this.

> Implement network security systems
Security appliances are a must, particularly for businesses with a large corporate network. The most fundamental of these is the firewall, which filters web traffic to try and prevent malware or malicious actors gaining access to the internal network. There are also email protection systems, and secure web gateway solutions that also offer protection for other internet-connected systems, such as instant messaging programmes.

> Consider using a VPN
A virtual private network (commonly abbreviated to VPN) is the ultimate internet security step; the VPN acts as a private, encrypted third party between your computer and the websites you are using. Using a VPN allows you to effectively shield your IP address from the wider world, which in turn will enable you to browse with confidence, knowing that your activities are effectively untraceable and thus your personal data is secure.
In conclusion

> Education
Educating the rest of the business is a key component of the internet security process for businesses. The entire business should be encouraged to take a sceptical “better safe than sorry” approach, particularly as workers are one of the most common ways malicious actors gain entry to corporate systems.

> Test your defences
Everyone is confident in their own ability to create an infallible system, but there’s really only one way to be sure your defences hold up under stress – if you really want to know if you are safe – get someone to attack them. This will test any technical measures you’ve put in place, like security software, fire breaks and so on, as well as the efficacy of any training that’s been put in place.

While the internet has been undeniably beneficial in countless ways, the security risks it poses can be troubling. Thankfully, these security risks can be greatly reduced by employing the Internet Security options above – allowing you to browse with complete peace of mind at all times.

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