Introducing ProForecast

Introducing ProForecast ~ Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting for Business
Budgeting, forecasting, and reporting are core tasks in any business – but, for many entrepreneurs and business owners, they are also a necessary evil to deal with when running their business. And yet these tasks don’t have to be time-consuming or resource-intensive!

As an entirely customisable cloud-based solution, ProForecast can automate your reporting duties, streamline budgeting and forecasting, and provide unparalleled levels of accessibility to your teams. What’s more, the system is designed to fully integrate with your business’s systems and deliver accurate financial and non-financial data through a highly interactive platform.

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All-in-One Solution for Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting

ProForecast is designed as an all-in-one solution that allows your business to manage your business’s financial tasks from a single, interactive interface. Thanks to the high levels of accessibility, customisation, and automation it provides, it can help your organisation make better, data-driven strategic decisions and tap into the potential of accurate and highly reliable datasets.

Some of the highlights of adopting ProForecast in your business include:

  • Reduced reporting timelines
  • Improved use of human resources
  • Optimised system implementation times
  • Access to more accurately elaborated data
  • Tailored reporting features
  • High levels of accessibility from any device
  • Increased integration with other systems
  • High levels of security

Features and Benefits

ProForecast offers a growing range of benefits for all businesses operating within the mid-market.

Whether you are looking to scale up your operations or optimise the efficiency of your current workflows, it can help you save time and resources, reduce the risk of human error, and streamline otherwise-daunting tasks such as budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Customisation Potential

Every business is unique and finding a reporting and budgeting system that meets your unique needs is often crucial to the success of your projects. That is where ProForecast can help.

The software allows you to customise your reports and create appealing on-brand documents to share with internal and external stakeholders. Thanks to its Data Visualisation and dashboard creation functionalities, it allows you to convert figures in multiple currencies, download documents in several formats, and access tailored dashboards.

Cutting-Edge Automation Features

For many businesses, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting are time-consuming tasks. However, crafting accurate budgets, delivering consolidations, and filing quarterly or monthly closings does not have to take several weeks’ worth of work!

Thanks to the many automation features, you can now free up the time and energy of your best talent and use their capabilities for higher-value, strategic tasks.

The Instant Cash Flow Model and living forecast functionalities allow you to visualise your entire financial dataset and history from a single interface.

Fully Integrated with Your Business’s Systems

Technology can certainly streamline business operations – but it can also hinder your workflows if it does not integrate well with the other systems you are using! Thanks to the included functionalities, you can now integrate your budgeting and reporting software with Pegasus, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and many more.

What’s more, thanks to these integrations and ProForecast proprietary training program, the system’s adoption times can be reduced to 4-12 weeks, and you can import and export financial data from various sources, including Accounts IQ and CVS files.

Unprecedented Accessibility

Being a Cloud-based solution, your dashboard will be accessible to authorised members of your teams at any time, from any device. Whether you have introduced a hybrid model work system, or you are looking to boost productivity, accessibility levels allow your financial experts to collaborate and access essential data as needed, including Audit Trails and reports.

Accurate and Reliable Data in Real Time

Data has become the backbone of any business operation, and it has never been more important for organisations to have the tools and systems in place to collect, elaborate, and use large datasets.

Thanks to Rapier AI engine, you can now collect real-time, accurate data and complete thorough analyses. Additionally, the AI-powered system can automate labour-intensive data-entry tasks, boost your data visualisation capabilities, and support better business decision-making. In turn, such high levels of visibility and accurate insights allow you to drill down and extrapolate essential information and patterns necessary to establish a winning strategy for your business.

Save Time and Resources with Self-Service Reporting Capabilities

Do your best talents spend hours – or days! – at work preparing quarterly closing and consolidating reports? Your business is certainly not the only one dealing with this issue!

However, with ProForecast, you no longer have to deal with this waste of precious resources!

By automating tedious and labour-intensive processes, you can reduce the risk of human error and refocus your human resources on more valuable tasks for your business’s success. What’s more, thanks to the many self-reporting capabilities, you can enable data-driven business decisions, create custom reports, use filters and formatting to quickly access valuable data, and build and edit reports using live data.

Make Your Business’s Financial and Non-Financial Data Work Harder for You

Being able to collect and elaborate financial and non-financial data can offer your business a unique – and invaluable – competitive edge. By introducing ProForecast, you can now visualise, plot, and access highly reliable and accurate datasets.

In turn, this allows you to dive deep into your financial history and live data, which can help you boost the efficiency of your business decision-making.

In terms of data security and sustainability, the system boasts data backup functionalities and is supported by a UK-based data centre powered by renewable energy.

Build Around Your Business’s Goals

ProForecast is the first solution for financial reporting for businesses built entirely around the unique needs and goals of mid-market enterprises. This innovative software is entirely tailored to your growth objectives and can support scaling and expansion.

From helping you gain the trust of your stakeholders and investors to optimising your internal resources and can help you streamline your operations and set your organisation up for growth and success.

Ready to take the next step? Book your demo today or get in touch with our team on 0191 691 7501 to better understand what to expect from the implementation and benefits of ProForecast.

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