Kwik Keys Key Cutting Services

Kwik Keys Key Cutting Services.
Losing your keys can be an actual nightmare. Not only because of the obvious issue of not being able to get into your home, but also the inconvenience of getting another key cut.

That’s where we come in. Here at Kwik Keys, we can cut your keys while you wait in the store! Simply pop in, (we’re located inside Dulais Dry Cleaners in Newcastle) and we’ll cut your keys in a matter of minutes so you can get on with your day. Alternatively, you can call us on 01661 820 700 before coming, or drop us an email at and we’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Why use Kwik Keys Key Cutting Services?
Losing your key isn’t always the only reason for using key cutting services, and we provide top-quality service for everyone, no matter what the reason. Some of the reasons you can use us include:

>>> Your key has snapped
>>> You have misplaced your key and need a new one
>>> Your key has been stolen
>>> You have had new locks installed and require some spares
>>> You have a friend or family member staying
>>> Your partner is moving in
>>> Your child needs a key
>>> Your keys are looking old and worn, and you’re worried about their durability
>>> You’ve lost your keys in the past and would like to give family members or friends a spare key

Whatever your reason, one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to sort your key cut!

Services we provide:

We understand that sometimes it’s not just your door keys that you’ve misplaced or broken, and that’s why we offer these key cutting services:

>>> Front and back door keys
>>> Window keys
>>> Garage keys
>>> Safe keys
>>> Patio door keys
>>> Caravan keys
>>> Locker keys
>>> Cash box key
>>> Shed keys
>>> Padlock keys

State of the art machinery
You can rest assured that here at Kwik Keys that your key will be cut using the best quality, state-of-the-art machinery. Our key cutters are able to cut from a variety of high-quality key blanks and all can be done while you wait in our shop.

Why do I need spare keys?
There will come a time when you will need a new set of keys and will need to visit a locksmith to get them. And, more often than not, they’ll ask whether you have a spare key. Spare keys allow you to clone your original keys and replace them with ease.

A locksmith may also request your doorknob be replaced and perform a home service, or, in the worst-case scenario, replace the entire lock because you did not have a replacement key on hand. Save yourself the money and hassle by always having a spare key available!

Visit Kwik Keys today for all of your key cutting needs. You can easily find us at Dulais Dry Cleaners, 27 Broadway, Darras Hall, Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE20 9PW. Feel free to call or email us at any time with any questions or queries.

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