Looking for a Teaching Post in the North East

Looking for a Teaching Post in the North East
Offering a wide range of classroom assistant roles, SEN positions and teaching jobs North East based teachers recruitment agency First Call Teachers is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a new role within the classroom.

Whether you are a newly qualified teacher, looking to return to the profession after a break, ready to take a step up the ladder or looking for a more flexible role at First Call Teachers they aim to do everything they can to help you take your career in the direction you want it to. With a choice of part time, full time, temporary and permanent roles this is an ideal place to find vacant teaching jobs Newcastle schools and schools in the surrounding area have on offer right now.

Choosing to register with an agency such as First Call Teachers is an ideal way to make sure that you hear of any vacancies that match your profile as soon as they become available, saving you endless hours looking though various websites, sending out countless CVs or visiting many different employment agencies trying to find relevant roles to apply for.  Also because you will have already produced any relevant documents and certification to the agency you will be able to complete the whole application process far more quickly and easily, helping you to get into the classroom and working in a minimum of time.

At First Call Teachers they aim to match every available role with a candidate that has the correct skill set and experience for the job so you can be sure that they will always find work that is as closely suited to your abilities and career aspirations as possible helping you to add relevant experience to your CV if you undertake any supply or temporary roles. If you have restrictions on your working time because of other commitments you may also find that the flexibility of agency work makes it easier for you to carry on with your careering a way that is more compatible with your life style.

Whatever type of teaching role you may be want for why not find out more about how First Call Teachers can help you find the job you have been looking for? With a great team of supportive staff and an excellent range of varied posts for teachers, classroom assistants and SENs across Newcastle and the North East this could be the ideal route for you to further your career in no time at all!

So if you are looking for well qualified, reliable teachers and teaching support staff or want to find high quality teaching jobs North East recruitment service First Call Teachers are definitely worth speaking to, specialising in filling roles for supply teachers, fixed term and permanent teaching staff and a wide range of support roles for SEN, secondary and primary schools you can be certain that they will be able to offer you all the help and information that you may require.

For further information, call them today on 0191 280 5849 or visit their website to review their current vacancies and teaching jobs in Newcastle and across the North East.