Plans Resubmitted for Quayside West Development

Plans Resubmitted for Quayside West Development
Newby and FaulknerBrowns Architects have resubmitted their plans for the £250m Quayside West development on the River Tyne.

The prominent 15-acre site has lay dormant for almost 20 years and it is hoped that the creation of the Quayside West ‘urban village’ will regenerate the area.

It will combine residential properties, a hotel and commercial opportunities, along with exceptional communal green and leisure spaces to help establish a ‘village’ feel.

It is estimated that over 1,000 jobs will be created both during the construction process and following its completion.

Plans have been resubmitted following close collaboration with the City Council to achieve a development which they can support.

Simon Hepden, who works at Newby, said: “We still feel just as excited by the plans for Quayside West as we ever did and are eager to get groundworks started.

“The reworking of the plans isn’t about scaling back, it is about creating more of a broader mixed community and an exciting new neighbourhood for the city.

“We have now firmed up and fixed the amount and location of the shops, services and the hotel, so the new proposals represent a more confident vision of the development, which we know will transform this long term vacant and prime brownfield site into a thriving and interesting place to live, work and relax.”

Newby – the developer behind the scheme – is said to have experience in regenerating building and land projects, with current schemes in York and Harrogate, as well as previously working on large scale developments such as Velocity Village in Sheffield.

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