Private Landlords – Prepare your Property for the Winter

Private Landlords – Prepare your Property for the Winter
If you own any property that you rent out you will know that making sure that everything in the property is in good working order is very important if you want you tenants to be comfortable and happy with the service that you provide.

Private Landlords – Prepare your Property for the Winter

Having adequate heating that is reliable is one of the key things that all tenants require and many private landlords find that if they aren’t well prepared the winter months can be an expensive and busy time if their tenants heating systems fail when they need them most, so it’s sensible to make sure you have the number of a company that provides reliable heating services.

At Arktek Heating Services they are able to provide a specialist service to private landlords so they can take care of all your heating needs no matter what happens.  Not only will they be able to make any repairs you may need at short notice they can also offer a full heating care service so you can ensure all your properties are well looked after all year round.  All you need to do is give them the details of the properties you own and they will take care of everything else for you.

As a private landlord you are required by law to carry out annual gas safety checks to ensure that all appliances are in good working order, at Arktek they will be able to carry out these essential test for you and make sure all the paperwork is fully completed.  They will also be able to carry out a full service of any boilers or heating systems that you have so you can ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible, take note of any potential problems and arrange to have any issues repaired straight away.

With a wide range of heating services on offer to both residential customers and private landlords at Arktek they aim to make sure that every customer gets the best possible service that offers great value. Whether you just want a general annual safety check or are looking at replacing your entire heating system they will be able to make sure that they complete the job to the highest possible standard every time and give you any help or advice that you may require, and with a twenty four hour emergency call out line you can be certain you can rely on Arktek to help you out when you need it most.

At Arktek they also offer excellent help and advice to help you make sure that your property is as energy efficient as possible so if you are concerned about the impact your properties may be having on the environment or are worried that your tenants are experiencing higher than average bills you may want to have a chat.  They will be able to advise you of the most environmentally friendly new combi boilers on the market if you are thinking of upgrading or if you are happy with your existing system they will be able to give you advice about changes you can make to ensure your property is more energy efficient.

So why not get in touch with Arktek to find out more about the excellent heating services packages they are able to offer private landlords?  With competitive rates and a flexible and individualised service for each customer you can be certain that they will make sure you and your tenants are prepared for the winter this year.

For further information about the range of the landlord and heating services available from Arktek Heating Services, please call 0191 516 6911 or visit our heating & plumbing services website. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.