Providing Modular Demountable Partitions

Providing Modular Demountable Partitions.
Whether you are building a workplace or starting a project on your home this year, demountable and interior partitions are a useful feature to have. For commercial purposes, partitions provide an effective solution to help you maximise your space and divide rooms into sections and separate workstations.

Demountable Partitions

What is partitioning?

Partitioning is the act of adding walls, glass panels, or wooden frames into an open space to divide it. This is often used for offices to separate the manager from their team; departments from one another, and also for boardrooms where meetings can be held. The purpose of interior partitions is to maximise the space available and create a more usable office space for those inside.

Demountable Partitions

Many offices and industrial buildings may look to install a partition for a temporary period, and in this case a demountable partition is a clever choice. It can be erected quickly when needed and is easy to remove when it is no longer required. For businesses that often grow and change, this is a great choice because it is adaptable and can be used only when needed.


Interior partitions are made from a number of different materials to suit any need. This means that no matter what you are looking for, there is a partition style that will work for you and provide you with the divider you need for your workplace. The materials include:

• Colourline – a demountable partition that can be finished in a number of colours
• Frameless glass
• Timber framed glass
• Steel
• Sliding wood
• Folding
• Monobloc

Whether you are looking to install a partition for design or practicality, it is easy to find one that works for your workspace on an interior design level.


There are a number of reasons why you might bring a partition into your workspace and there are many benefits of doing so. Here are some of the best benefits of installing a partition in your office.

Natural light

One of the most soul-destroying parts about older offices is the lack of light getting through. If you have worked in a place where cubicles were used, no light can get through and this can have an impact on your ability to work, alertness, and mood. By installing glass partitions in the office, you will instead be able to enjoy natural light from the windows outside and this will create a much nicer work environment for everyone in your team.

Less noise

When trying to concentrate on a task the last thing you want is a whole load of noise from people around you. Partitions are a great way to buffer out the noise from other people and will improve productivity and focus.


Rather than spending thousands to install walls in your office for the purpose of meeting rooms, partitions require no structural changes to your office and are cheaper to install. You can install a demountable partition within minutes, and if you ever change your mind, you can take it out without a huge project.


The main reason to choose partitions for your office is for practicality. Over the years, your business will grow and more people will come to work for you during this time you may have to make changes to desks and the spaces they are held in. Partitions are useful for creating temporary workspaces until you need to modify and change, and they will be easy to adapt when your office expands.


When you come to purchase an interior partition for your workspace, the company will work with you and your architects to discuss the best options for your office. Creating an attractive and practical workspace is important and this is why they will work to ensure that you can optimise your day-to-day operations and maximise space.

Once you have chosen partitions and everything has been scheduled, the partitions will be delivered to you, and workers will ensure efficiency in order to minimise disruption to your team. Once your partitions are in place you will be left with an attractive and practical office space that will meet your needs as a business and an individual.

Choosing to install office partitions in your workplace is a great idea and one that you should consider upon the purchase of your next office space. A partition system can dramatically transform an office space for the better, and if you currently feel as if your workspace can be improved, perhaps consider exploring this option. Try demountable and interior partitions today for improved workflow.

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