Suit Culture Newcastle – A Suit for Every Occasion

Suit Culture Newcastle – A Suit for Every Occasion.
Buying one suit you can wear to multiple events to save money can often be the smart choice. After all, a high-quality men’s business suit can serve you well for several years. However, there will always come a time when you require a dressier suit option, like going to a friend’s wedding or attending the races. Here are some insights into suits and the best options for each occasion.

Types Of Suits

Essentially, there are three main types of suits: two-piece suits, three-piece suits, and tuxedos. There are endless material variations within these suit styles (cotton, wool, polyester, and so on) and button styles (double-breasted, two-button, and three-button.) There are also variations on the cut (slim-fit, classic fit, and many more), venting, and pocket arrangement.

• Two-piece suit: A two-piece is your standard suit and perhaps the most popular type you will wear or encounter in daily life. It consists of a suit jacket and matching trousers. A two-piece suit is a perfect suit to wear to a job interview.

• Three-piece suit: A three-piece suit has matching suit jackets and trousers and a vest. It is the perfect suit for weddings and special workplace occasions. Three-piece suits are the most popular suits we sell here at Suit Culture Newcastle.

• Tuxedo: A black or midnight blue dinner suit or tuxedo is a great choice for more special occasions. These suits are characterised with a single button, matching trousers and worn with a lovely bowtie. They are also the appropriate attire for black-tie events.

The Best Suit For The Right Occasion

The above-listed options cover the three broad suit categories, but many other options are more appropriate for specific occasions. For instance, a white-tie event is one of extreme formality that may require you to wear a tailcoat, perhaps the most formal costume in the world. The tailcoat has a jacket with pointed cuffs and a shawl. That said, here’s a summary of events and which suit options are most appropriate for them:

• Black-tie events: Elegance is the mainstay of a black-tie event, so you can never go wrong with a black or navy blue tuxedo.

• Cocktail after five: Cocktails require elegance and refinement without the strict formality of black-tie. A good two-piece suit in dark tones should suffice, and you can wear it without a tie.

• Wedding: A tux is too formal for a wedding guest, so you should avoid this option and a tailcoat unless the groom requests it. Instead, wear a classic two or three-piece suit from Suit Culture Newcastle to blend in with the rest of the wedding party.

• Work: You will look slightly out of place in a three-piece suit at a workplace with a casual dress code. As such, wear a two-piece suit instead and reserve your three-piece for high-profile work-related events.

• The races: Three-piece and two-piece suits are best for days at the racecourse.

Why Select Suit Culture Newcastle For Your Suit Needs?

We sell classic two-piece and three-piece suits as well as tuxedos in styles that aim to satisfy your outfit for every occasion, from weddings to race days. In addition, we offer quality tie sets and shoes to help you suit up elegantly.

Reach out to us today in Suit Culture Newcastle to get started. With many satisfied customers all pleased with the designs, service, quality and fit it’s not surprising that many return or recommend Suit Culture’s men’s suits to a friend, if you take a look at their excellent reviews it’s you will be impressed at how much positive feedback they have received especially from customers that have used their suits for weddings.

With an excellent range of stylish and fashionable men’s suits including three pieces, jackets and waistcoats, shoes and all the extra pieces you need such as ties, tie clips and pocket squares to really complete the look this is the perfect one stop shop to get everything you need to make sure you are dressed to impress.

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