What is an SSL Certificate & Why Do You Need One?

What is an SSL Certificate & Why Do You Need One?
Technology is now too much advanced nowadays. With the advance evolution of the internet, websites need better protection as well. It is very much important to protect the website from cybercriminals. Internet is not just for watching shows and web series and purchasing products. There is too much thing that we can do with the help of the internet. As internet users, we need to be more protective and careful in order to use the internet in our daily lives. For this protection and better use of the internet, you need to back up your website by an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate & Why Do You Need One?

Now you will have to know the details about SSL certificate and need to know what it is.

What is SSL certificate?
Secure Sockets Layer is the acronym of the SSL certificate. If you have SSL certificate, then you can ensure that the sensitive data of your website visitors will be transferred to a secure network. This certificate is actually the backbone of the website security. This certificate is very much essential for the online business organization as it can protect them from fraud identity and criminal surveillance. This certificate can secure a connection to your server. It is ensured that your information will be transferred securely.

It is a widely used cryptographic protocol and it allows the encryption, authentication and decryption of the data sent over the internet. This certificate is specially designed to secure the information and data in between the browser and the server or between the mail server and public network as well.

This certificate is a piece of code. It is one kind of digital file. This file is generated by a specific SSL issuing authority. This certificate has two distinctive features. This certificate is to ensure the authentication and verification of the person or the business. Apart from this, SSL certificate is to ensure that the data and important information is encrypted and secured while transferred to a public network.

Now you will have to know why the SSL certificate is important to have.

Why do you need an SSL certificate?
Here are some important reasons for the importance of SSL certificate. The reasons behind the need of an SSL certificate:

Ensure the security of the site:
It is used for the perfect protection. This certificate increases the protection and safety of the sites. The SSL certificate will protect and save sensitive data and important information that transferred from and to your website. This certificate will encrypt the connection and help to protect your web visitors. This will give your web visitors perfect protection from misusing the data by the attackers and cybercriminals.

Provide safety to all subdomains:
You will get a specific type of SSL certificate that will definitely secure your main site and its entire subdomain as well. It is especially useful and beneficial if you are a business owner need to maintain your website with several subdomains. But in case of standard SSL, you will have to install separate sets of certificates for each subdomain.

The necessity for online payment:
This certificate is a necessary thing for any type of websites. It accepts the payment with encryption. It is a protection for the online business sites. If you own an e-commerce site, then you will have to install the SSL certificate. If you are running a credit card payment facility, then this certificate is very much important for the secured payment gateway.

Trust for your customers:
Through the SSL certificate, you can easily gain the trust of the visitors of your site. Due to the SSL certificate, your website will be displayed a security and safety padlock in the address bar of the browser. This will ensure that the connection is secured and safe. So, it will give you enough trust from the visitors’ side. The visitors also get the surety that the website will take their privacy matter seriously. But if your e-commerce website or general website does not have any SSL certificate, then some browsers may show the label of unsafe. It is not at all beneficial for your website rank and traffic as well.

SEO benefits:
There is another advantage that the SSL certificate will provide is SEO improvement. Actually, Google gives the websites encrypted connections with a slight ranking booster. But it is not the end. You will have to install the SSL certificate for your website. This certificate will give you so many advantages over your regular competitors who do not have their SS certificates.

Strengthen the identity of the brand:
The SSL certificate will ensure the identity of the brand. If you want to ensure your brand identity and promotion as well, then you need the SSL certificate for sure. It will establish your brand name and identity as well. This is obviously beneficial for your brand and increases the numbers of your authentic visitors.

Additional trust issues:
SSL certificate will offer you additional trust marks. This will make a different and high-standard impression in front of your clients. This is also related to the security measures of your website.

It is mandatory:
It is mandatory by Google. So, if you have a website, then you will have to obtain the SSL certificate. It will ensure the overall protection of your site. If you want to run your online business without any obligations, then you will have to install the SSL certificate. If you do not have this certificate, then the not secure’ message will continuously appear and it is not at all good for your site. So, if you do not have the SSL certificate, then it is high time to install it as soon as possible.

So, What is an SSL Certificate & Why Do You Need One?
Now you know the benefits of SSL certificate for your personal and e-commerce websites. So, you will have to install it as soon as possible. You should not miss the chance to take full advantage and the benefits of the HTTPS revolution. It will add an extra layer of benefit and security to your website. You cannot ignore the importance of an SSL certificate.

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