Boris won’t be invited to Durham Miners’ Gala

Boris Johnson won’t be invited to Durham Miners’ Gala
Prime Minister Boris Johnson won’t be getting an invite to next year’s Durham Miners’ Gala, organisers have confirmed. The Miners’ Gala is an annual labour festival, held in July, which celebrates the trade union movement.

After his election win last week, Johnson signalled that he might attend the event, usually reserved for diehard socialists.

Speaking at a victory party in Tony Blair’s former Sedgefield seat – won by the Tories for the first time since 1931 – Johnson was asked whether he would attend the 136th Durham Miners’ Gala, to which he responded: “I will do my utmost, I will do my utmost.”

However, it seems Johnson will be turned away at the doors of Durham, if he does try to attend.

Stephen Guy, executive member of Durham Miners’ Association, told the Northern Echo that the PM shouldn’t bother making the trip.

“Johnson would not be welcome as far as I am concerned,” Guy said. “He will certainly not be getting an invite.”

This follows smugness from Johnson’s frog-faced ally, Michael Gove, about the Tories’ performance in the North East. Speaking immediately after the election result, Gove claimed that next year’s Gala would be held in a Tory seat.

“In light of the comments Gove came out with and Johnson’s response to the question, we might send him a gentle reminder of the geography of the North East and the importance of the Gala,” Guy added.

Johnson might have won a few seats in previously hostile areas of the country, but he shouldn’t kid himself about his popularity (or lack of it) in the North.

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