Clothing Alterations and Repairs in Newcastle

Quality Clothing Alterations and Repairs in Newcastle
If you find it hard to get clothes that fit you really well instead of spending hours trawling the shops to often come home empty handed why not consider using a clothing alteration service instead?  At Easy Stitch they are happy to help you make any adjustments required to any type of clothing so you can be certain that all your garments will fit you like a glove.

With an excellent team of professional seamstresses on hand at Easy Stitch’s Newcastle based store they have the skills and expertise required to make any changes you may need, whether you need to have something made shorter, taken in or just adjusted so it suits your body shape better they will be able to get the job done within the specified time frame, and with private changing and fitting areas available every customer gets the opportunity to have a full consultation and to have their garments properly measured before the job is done.

Investing in clothing alteration is an excellent way of having well fitted clothing without having to spend a fortune on designer labels and it can also save you so much time if you are looking for something perfect for a special event or occasion, and with a clothing repairs service available as well at Easy Stitch they can also help you breathe new life into your favourite items if you need buttons or zips replacing or have repairs that need to be done. So next time you need to get something new and are dreading another search round the shops why not consider trying a reliable service offering clothing alteration instead and buy something that your really love?

At Easy Stitch they are able to alter most items including dresses, trousers, skirts and shirts and aim to do the possible job every time and with a reliable service also offering clothing repairs and repairs and alterations to household textiles you can be sure that they are real experts in sewing, fabrics and needlework.

If you require any additional help or advice or simply don’t know if a job is even going to be possible the friendly staff at Easy Stitch are always happy to let you make use of the private fitting room so they can help you to decide what work needs to be done and you can be sure that you clothes will fit you perfectly.

With excellent customer testimonials, a friendly and flexible service and a professional team of expert seamstresses you can be certain that they will do everything they can to offer you a top quality service every time. For further information please call 01661 820 700 or visit the East Stitch Clothing Alterations and Repairs website.