Demountable Partitions & Commercial and Industrial Interiors

Demountable Partitions & Commercial and Industrial Interiors

At Commercial and Industrial Interiors, we specialize in supplying and installing a comprehensive range of modular demountable partitions, offering modern, efficient, and versatile solutions for optimizing and dividing interior spaces.

Partitioning serves as an excellent solution to maximize the efficiency of your facility, transforming your office environment into a more usable space tailored specifically to your needs. Our focus is on demountable systems, which are not only tax-efficient but also quicker to install, reducing project-related downtime. Additionally, these systems lower future dilapidation costs as they can be relocated to new premises and repurposed. These benefits come while maintaining affordability and aesthetic diversity. With our extensive industry knowledge and significant experience, we have chosen Apton as our primary partitioning manufacturer. As a registered Apton Interior Centre, we trust their outstanding range of systems, known for their durability, aesthetic appeal, good lead times, and excellent in-house manufacturing quality.

Apton partitioning systems arrive on-site with pre-glazed windows and pre-worked doors hung in frames (with lift-off hinges), contributing to a swift and clean build process. The systems offer various options, including solid partitions, single glazed (framed), double glazed with integral blinds, and frameless glazed partitions that vary depending on acoustic requirements. Additionally, the systems are available in a wide range of fire-rated options.

Our range also includes an extensive variety of vinyl finishes, paint colors, blind options, and timber solid core or glass doors, all crafted to the highest standards to ensure a quality finish that stands the test of time. We are committed to installing systems that are easy to adapt and change, accommodating your ongoing business growth.

In addition to Apton solutions, we offer single and double skin steel, monobloc, and other alternative partitioning systems. Our diverse network of suppliers enables us to select the perfect system to meet your specific requirements.

Here is a closer look at the variety of options we provide:

Survey, Design, Supply, & Installation

We can collaborate with you, your architects, or builders, or work independently to create an attractive and effective interior partitioning system design. Our goal is to optimize your business environment, developing a layout that works seamlessly for your day-to-day operations. We provide advice and support to ensure the installation process is both quick and responsive to your business needs.

Our partitioning systems are delivered directly to the site with a clear lead time and a detailed schedule of works. Our skilled and experienced fitters then work efficiently to install your new partitioning system, minimizing disruption to your company’s operations.

Complete Installation Service

Our design team at Commercial & Industrial Interiors will collaborate with you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing office environment. The end result is an efficient office designed around you and your workforce. We prioritize working with you to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Modular Demountable Partitions

Tax Efficiency: Demountable partitions are often more tax-efficient compared to traditional construction methods. They can be classified as business assets, allowing for potential tax benefits.

Speed of Installation: The installation process is significantly quicker, reducing project-related downtime and allowing you to resume operations swiftly.

Cost-Effective: Demountable systems are generally more cost-effective in the long run, particularly when considering future relocation or reconfiguration needs.

Aesthetic Versatility: These partitions offer a wide range of aesthetic options, ensuring that your office space can be tailored to reflect your brand and style preferences.

Sustainability: Modular partitions are environmentally friendly as they can be reused and repurposed, reducing waste and contributing to sustainable building practices.

Customization: With a variety of finishes, colors, and materials, these partitions can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of your business.

Acoustic Performance: Depending on your requirements, options are available for acoustic control, ensuring a productive work environment.

Fire Safety: A range of fire-rated options are available to ensure compliance with safety regulations and enhance the protection of your facility.

Types of Partitioning Systems

Solid Partitions: Ideal for creating private offices or meeting rooms, offering high levels of privacy and sound insulation.

Single Glazed (Framed): Provides a sleek and modern look, allowing light to flow through while maintaining distinct areas within the office.

Double Glazed with Integral Blinds: Offers enhanced acoustic performance and privacy, with the added convenience of integrated blinds.

Frameless Glazed: Available in various acoustic ratings, these partitions provide a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic.

Vinyl Finishes and Paint Colors: Extensive options to match your interior design preferences and brand colors.

Timber Solid Core or Glass Doors: High-quality doors that complement the partitioning systems, available in various finishes and styles.

Additional Services

Alongside our range of partitioning solutions, we offer comprehensive services to ensure your project is managed efficiently from start to finish. These include:

Initial Consultation and Survey: Understanding your needs and assessing the space to recommend the best partitioning solutions.

Design and Planning: Creating detailed designs and plans that align with your operational requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Project Management: Coordinating all aspects of the installation process to ensure a seamless execution.

Post-Installation Support: Providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your partitioning system continues to meet your needs.

At Commercial and Industrial Interiors, our mission is to deliver high-quality partitioning solutions that enhance the functionality and appearance of your workspace. Whether you need to create private offices, meeting rooms, or open-plan areas, our modular demountable partitions offer the flexibility and efficiency to support your business growth and operational needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our partitioning systems can transform your interior spaces.

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