Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day

Nothing is as exciting, rewarding, and memorable as planning the perfect wedding day. And, likely, after the “I do’s”, you will be so ecstatic and moved that you will not waste time worrying about minor details.

But, before the emotions of your wedding day take over and cause you to see everything through rose-coloured glasses, you will need to undergo the actual wedding planning journey. Which, for many couples, can be stressful, challenging, and emotionally overwhelming.

So, how can you make your wedding planning a much more enjoyable experience? Here are 6 professional tips offered by The Biscuit Factory’s wedding planning team.

Be Clear on Your Budget

Not knowing your wedding budget – or sticking to it – is the missing ingredient for a recipe for disaster. While you should not skimp on your special day, you and your partner have a lifetime to build ahead of you!

Having a rough figure in mind is a great starting point, but you should also consider allocating funds to the different components of your wedding, including third-party vendors, the venue, and your wedding dress.

When crafting your budget, take a hard look at your finances to understand what you are comfortable spending, and have a chat with the family members who are looking to contribute. Be sure to speak to a wedding planner to understand all the costs involved and have a comprehensive overview of all the expenses involved with planning your perfect wedding day. Don’t forget to account for a 10% “margin” – you are probably going to splurge or go over your budget for some of the expenses!

Focus on Must-Haves and Priorities

No matter how much of a planner you are – you will not be alone planning this wedding, and you will need to account for your partner’s opinions and priorities. So, before you start organising your wedding day, sit down with your other half and craft a list of priorities.

For example, you might agree that the venue should include some must-haves that are important for both of you, or maybe your partner has a specific date in mind they want to stick to.

Ultimately, making a list of priorities allows you to separate the aspects you are not willing to compromise on and the ones that can be adapted to your budget without impacting the quality and experience of your wedding day.

Draw Inspiration and Find Your Style

Being clear on your bridal and wedding style is essential to create a continuum or pattern among the different aspects of your wedding, such as the venue’s decor and your wedding dress. After all, the last thing you’d want is mismatched outfits, flower arrangements, or soundtracks.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider drawing inspiration from multiple sources, including Instagram, Pinterest, and bridal magazines. Working with a specialised wedding party – and showing them your physical or virtual college boards – can also help you understand what feels authentic for you and your love story.

What’s more, don’t underestimate the knowledge of family members and friends who are married. They have real-life experience in planning a wedding and can offer you valuable insights.

Be As Organised as Possible

From dealing with your third-party vendors to accommodating the requests of your loved ones, and finding the right venue, there are many activities involved with planning a wedding.

Without the right framework in place, you’ll soon start feeling overwhelmed! That is why it is important to use checklists and spreadsheets to account for each party’s contact details, tasks that need to be done, completed jobs, and expenses. Consider using a master checklist and invest in a wedding book.

If planning and organising are not your forte, consider working with a wedding planner or coordinator. While it might require an initial investment, it can save you money, headaches, and heartaches later on!

Pro-tip – account for factors that are out of your control! If the unexpected happens – like a rainstorm or issues with the catering – be sure to have a plan B ready. And, even more importantly, keep a flexible and adaptable mindset!

Select Your Vendors and Wedding Party Wisely

The vendors and wedding party members you select will play an active role in creating the best experience for you and your guests. They can help you with organising practical aspects of your wedding, work with your budget and personal preferences, and offer emotional support throughout your special day.

So, make sure to take your time when picking your wedding party and third-party vendors!

Partner With our Experienced Wedding Planner at The Biscuit Factory

At The Biscuit Factory, we understand the excitement and high levels of stress that are often involved with planning a wedding. And, we are fully committed to helping you make the process of planning your perfect wedding day as easy, enjoyable, and stress-free as possible.

When booking our wedding venue, you’ll be partnering with Faye, our experienced wedding planner, who can help you orchestrate all the factors involved with bringing to life your dream wedding. Contact us today to arrange your visit to our wedding venue and meet our catering and wedding planning experts.

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