Welcome to Acrol Modular Buildings

Welcome to Acrol Modular Buildings.
Modular and portable buildings can be used in an extensive range of scenarios by businesses across an equally broad domain. If you feel that your company could benefit from the installation of temporary or permanent installation of modular buildings, however, conducting the necessary research is vital.

Acrol Modular Buildings prides itself on delivering world-class solutions for businesses across the UK.

Experts in Modular Design and Portable Installations

Acrol Modular Buildings – an Experienced Team You Can Rely On
Before starting any modular building construction project, you must partner with the right construction team. Acrol Modular Buildings has worked in the industry for over 24 years, completing hundreds of projects expanding across every type of modular and portable building imaginable.

Likewise, our team has faced and overcome every challenge you can imagine, allowing clients to choose our services with 100% confidence. This is because we;

• Ensure that every project is completed to comply with all legal and safety regulations,
• Provide a comprehensive solution that covers every step from inspiration to installation,
• Have a track record for creating high-quality bespoke portable and modular buildings,
• Deliver cost-effective solutions underpinned by transparency,
• Can use our extensive experience to support you with design choices.

Acrol Modular Buildings can design module buildings to meet any dimensions or requirement you desire, including external finishes ranging from resins and panels to brick skins. Your business needs a professional, effective, and reliable service. Our team of experts will deliver the quality you deserve.

Experts in Modular Design and Portable Installations

The terms modular buildings and portable buildings are often interchanged. Inaccurately. A portable building is a single self-contained unit. A modular building is constructed from two or more individual buildings that are connected after they have been put into place on the site. This allows for multiple floors and virtually any size imaginable.

Modular buildings are traditionally used as a longer-term solution, but both options can work wonders for your business. Acrol Modular Buildings specialises in both fields. Whatever the size or nature, plotting the timescales and costs could not be simpler. Crucially, the buildings are built to deliver comfort, safety, and a practical solution for your commercial needs.

From the design aspects of technical drawings and surveys to manufacturing the individual buildings or completing the installation itself, every part of the project can be kept under one roof. Regardless of whether you choose modular buildings or portable constructions for your commercial projects.
Why Choose Modular and Portable Buildings?

Modular buildings and portable buildings are suitable for a wide range of purposes, including classrooms for education, pop-up retail stores, commercial offices, stores for outside events, medical facilities, manufacturing, and storage.

Depending on the purpose of the modular buildings, you may reap a wide range of benefits. Some of the most telling features are;

• They are more affordable to design, build, and operate than traditional constructions,
• Modular buildings can be delivered to your site and installed in far less time,
• Their portable nature makes them ideal for events managers that host at various venues,
• Their construction processes will not cause any disruption to existing workspaces,
• They offer a more eco-friendly solution than many of the alternatives.

Modular buildings provide a cost-effective, practical, and quick solution to your immediate and ongoing need for additional commercial space. Better still, constructions can be fully bespoke to your company’s needs as well as the space that’s required. When combined with the versatile options for installation and power supplies, their popularity is clear to see.

How Do Modular Buildings Projects Work?

The benefits of modular buildings make them a very attractive prospect. However, it’s important for all business owners and project managers to know what to expect from the project itself. Even if they do offer a simplified strategy, careful planning is vital if you want to ensure a smooth transition without hiccups.

Modular building designs and constructions can follow virtually any path imaginable. Acrol Modular Buildings thrives on offering a world-class service from the very first interaction. Once the initial contact has been made, the details of the project will be bespoke to your circumstances. Nonetheless, you can expect the process to follow a path similar to;

• Full consultation to discuss desires, budgets, and initial ideas,
• Site surveys if required, followed by designs and technical drawings,
• Building manufacturing takes place away from your commercial setting,
• The portable or modular buildings are delivered to the site,
• We install the buildings before checking their integrity and safety.

Following this, the new constructions will be ready to welcome employees, students, or clients. Better still, they will be ready to deliver years of function.

Over the years that Acrol Modular Buildings has been established it has built a reputation for its commitment to Quality, Value for Money, Technical Excellence, and Long Term Customer Satisfaction. For more information on the range of Modular Portable & Temporary Classrooms we supply, please call Acrol today on 0191 477 3500.

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